Logo, Law Office of Thomas V. Sjoblom - Defense Attorney
Logo, Law Office of Thomas V. Sjoblom - Defense Attorney


The Law Office of Thomas V. Sjoblom, PLLC has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals during all
stages of criminal investigations and proceedings in federal courts. Our attorneys have great depth of experience in
responding to grand jury subpoenas and search warrants; preparing clients for grand jury testimony and interviews;
negotiating non-prosecution, deferred prosecution, and plea agreements pre-indictment; and handling trial, sentencing,
and appeal.

As both prosecutors and defense counsel, our attorneys have handled some of the most high-profile criminal and civil
fraud investigations and prosecutions around the world, including matters involving allegations of securities fraud, wire
fraud, insider trading, financial fraud, and many others.


• Represented CEO of microcap companies in a high-profile criminal case accused of running a $300 million pump-and dump scheme;
• Represented CEO concerning an alleged $11 million securities fraud conspiracy in connection with cryptocurrencies and ICOs
• Represented HealthSouth founder and former CEO Richard Scrushy in SEC and DOJ actions alleging $2.7 billion securities fraud conspiracy;
• Represented lead bond salesman in DOJ investigation into the U.S. Treasury auction process