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Complex Litigation Services

Complex Litigation

This office serves as litigation and trial counsel in complex matters, including:
• Litigating complex securities and commodities frauds, including market manipulation, financial statement frauds, options backdating,  fraudulent futures trading, and undisclosed fees
• Litigating general commercial matters
• Raising constitutional issues involving the powers of the United States District Courts, and properly asserting Fifth  Amendment rights against self incrimination  by corporate officers under the Braswell standard and due process protections   
• Contesting civil and criminal contempts imposed by the United States District Courts, including powers of the court to do so under the Judiciary Act of 1789 and Eighth Amendment issues involving cruel and unusual punishment
• Contesting the global powers of SEC Receivers
• Assisting general counsel of international businesses in setting strategy for  global litigation
• Evaluating legal and accoutancy fees being charged by law firms and accounting firms

Arbitrary, Capricious, & Unfair Proceedings
This office also will assist individuals who have been the subject of arbitrary, capricious or unfair administrative proceedings whether at the hands of governmental agencies, quasi governmental agencies (e.g., FINRA), institutional organizations (e.g., religious organizations, universities, or other non profit organizations), or corporations. 
Team of Specialists
 This office will assemble a highly qualified team of specilaists (lawyers and other experts) for each case suited to the needs of each client.  

Contact me to receive complete legal representation in the midst of any complex litigation trial.